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Relationsroom is a young, innovative public relations agency, founded by Claudia Radischnig in February 2001. It specialises in positioning lifestyle brands in the Austrian market.


Our work is based on an intelligent corporate culture, combining professionalism, quality and style.  We consider each client on an individual basis and design personalised, effective communication strategies that are in harmony with the brand's general image.


  • Strategic PR advice

  • Product and brand PR

  • Commercial and corporate PR

  • Events and fashion shows

  • Shop openings

  • Product launches

  • Exclusive media collaborations

  • Facilities for celebrities 

  • Social media

In the 1980s and 1990s, elaborate press conferences, trips and events were the way to make an impression in the
PR sector. Nowadays, the key to how reality is communicated by the media
is in the personal touch: with personal contacts, individual approaches
and bespoke PR material.

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